Dedicated Cert vs Pro Plan

I’m trying to decided if a dedicated SSL or the Pro Plan would be better for all browser support of site visitors. Under plans with Universal SSL it says the free cloudlfare plan supports most browsers and the pro plan supports all browsers. Is that still the case if you have a dedicated ssl cert under the free plan vs using a Universal ssl cert under the pro plan? Thanks

I believe that has changed. A dedicated certificate at this point really just provides hosts on levels deeper than the first.

I’m sure I understand what you are saying here. Can you explain further?

Free and $5 certificates only cover hosts of the type If you wanted you’d need a $10/month certificate.

So that would mean that the a dedicated cert under the free plan is really only giving you your host name then and not a bunch of others on the certificate with you as with the shared cert.

I know the pro plan says that the cert works with all browsers as well so that is a plus but the included cert with pro is still a shared cert.

From an SEO perspective is it better to have a dedicated cert?

Your host name? You mean “your domain”?

The $10 certificate gives you up to 50 host names, however they are all tied to your domain.

As for SEO, no, the certificate wont make a difference.

Thanks you answered the domain name for dedicated certificate concern. You said earlier when I asked the original question something change. If you buy a dedicated certificate on the Free plan does it support all browsers like the included certificate on the pro plan will?

I presume you are referring to

AFAIK Cloudflare does not distinguish here any longer (@cloonan, @cs-cf). Also, you always need SNI support at this point.

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