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I just switched my domain nameservers over to Cloudflares last night from GoDaddy because I was getting this warning on a url I own after the redirect was changed without my knowledge and Godaddy claims they don’t know what happened. It has is a 301 redirect to another domain of mine that has a working SSL(which is under Cloudflare already).
The site that is getting the error is and redirects to

All the nameservers have propigated over properly, but that error in chrome shows up still. I ordered a $5 SSL cert for the first domain, but it is still pending. Will that fix my issue once it gets approved?


You are referring to however your username would suggest you own Which one is your site now?

In any case, is listed at

HI @sandro - I own both, but is the main site

So I guess the issue is not the redirect, but the warning. Right?

Thats something you will need to take up with Google. They believe your site is unsafe and listed your site in their database, you need to contact them and clarify whatever needs clarifying.

This is what google says:
The site contains harmful content, including pages that:

  • Try to trick visitors into sharing personal info or downloading software

The landing page is a signup page for people who want free access to my digital library of files for graphic designers.

Yes, as just mentioned you will need to contact Google and clarify this.

This listing might also be the reason why your certificate has not been issued yet. Cloudflare does not issue certificates as long as a site is listed.

Ok thanks @sandro! I have a new clue to hunt down. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Check out as well.

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@sandro - I ended up completing the registration under google console and then requesting a review of the changes I made to secure the domain after moving it from Godaddy to cloudflare and its now fixed and working! Thanks again for your quick help!


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