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We recently received a notification from Google Search Console that there was social engineering done on our website. We are trying to remove the deceptive pages but we are not sure how to do so. Has anyone had this issue before/have any suggestions?


This would probably be a better question for your website host. Depending on what hosting solution you’re using (Wordpress, etc.), this process will differ drastically and likely isn’t anything that Cloudflare itself has any direct hand in.

If you can share significantly more information about your website, these alerts, how it’s hosted, etc. we can try and provide some more specific advice.

Thanks! We talked to GoDaddy and they said that Cloudfare is hosting because we use Shopify and to reach out to Cloudfare.

Are you using Shopify? If so then they are hosting your site and I’m not sure why GoDaddy are pointing you to Cloudflare.

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 15.50.47

I really would hope GoDaddy know better than that, if it’s a Shopify store then I would reach out to them.


Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 15.50.47

I’m not sure what is unclear, Cloudflare aren’t hosting your site, Shopify are. You need to contact them about any issues with your site.


This is a canned reply by a WHOIS lookup server. Cloudflare does not host your site in any way.

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