December 2019 - Please enter a valid domain

Hi im trying to add a new domain to my account and all domain I am trying give me this error

Please enter a valid domain.

Can someone help me with this?

As the message says you are probably not entering a valid domain name. Double check that.

I am getting the same error

I have double check that. Every domain I am trying give me the same error.

Same here

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Ok im not alone. It must be some issue with cloudflare at the moment

Yes, it appears as if there is a temporary glitch.

I’d wait a couple of hours and try again.


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Thank you, sorry for the issues. I’ve let Support know there is an issue and will monitor progress and share an update when I have it.


I accidently deleted my domain from cloudflare and now when i try to re add the website i get the error “Please enter a valid domain”. my domain is hosted on godaddy.

Domain name:

waiting for your reply,


I’m trying to add domain to cloud flare, but I get a response Please enter a valid domain is valid domain and active website

Thank you

Same here

Same here with

same here

Does CloudFlare support .pub tld? I try to add a .pub domain, and I get this error “Please enter a valid domain”

No copy/paste in the domain input.

There currently seems to be an issue with adding domains. Wait a couple of hours.

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Interesting. I see nothing on
Thanks anyway. I will try later.

The team is in the process of updating. As I understand this was affecting the UI but domains can be added via API.

The engineers just gave me an update that this was addressed. I have verified that it is fixed for me.

EDIT - The team believes this issue is resolved and it is for me. If you still encounter this, please let Support know and share your ticket number here.

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Appears to be fixed to me as well.

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