Debugging linking heroku app to custom domain using cloudflare


Hey anyone!

After a lot of fumbling, and help, I finally got some few things working. But I have a problem, here’s what I’m trying to do. I have an app on Heroku called Sororiti, I want connect it to my custom domain Sororitie.

Here’s my first problem, when I go to it says there’s no app (Heroku info), but when I go to it gives me a new different error, redirect problem. Here’s my heroku configuration screenshot

and here’s my cloudflare screenshot

is anyone interested in helping me debug and finally close this issue? I’ll really appreciate any help.

PS: I can’t respond to comments because I have surpassed my limit, but I should be back up in 30minutes tops. But I’ll like your comment to show you that I’ve seen it :smile:


Did you try checking this site?
Also can i know what CNAME that your site targeted


@anhdoge I did, the CNAME my site targeted is, and the dns is

But as you can see, my domain on heroku points to and not

Edit: I found out that my SSL was set to Flexible and not Full. So, now that I’ve set it to full, it goes back to the Error 525, whether the url is or So, I created my SSL certificate on Cloudflare, went and copied it to my cpanel. So I’m just not sure what’s happening.


If you want to use SSL full then point CNAME to


Hey, thanks for this insight, though I have a question, if I set it to this, does it mean I ignore the other domain that heroku set up for me? the dns one:

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