Debugger opens when sitekey is "3x00000000000000000000FF"

If we use the demo sitekey “3x00000000000000000000FF” which means “Force interactive challenge”, and the devtools is open, the “sources” tab opens automatically. It seems to be a debugger call.

It’s happening, at least, on the following browsers:

  • Chrome v117.0.5938.132 (64 bits)
  • MSEdge v117.0.2045.47 (64 bits)
  • Brave v1.58.135 (64 bits)
  • Opera v102.0.4880.78 (64 bits)

You can check this behavior on this page:
Also on this one: (set sitekey type to “Force interactive challenge”)

There is an issue on my library that refers to this error:

I hope it gets fixed soon.
Thanks in advance!

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