Debug Zaraz+Hubspot pageviews

Hi, I’m experiencing a problem: I do not see page views being sent from Zaraz to Hubspot. I’ve triple-checked our Zaraz+Hubspot config; everything checks out: ID, region, and domain.

In the Zaraz Debug I can see the following:

The trigger and action get executed, but nothing appears in HubSpot. From the screenshot, I can see that there is a server-side request for GA, but there is none for HubSpot. Should a server-size request from HubSpot be visible in the Zaraz Debugger? If yes, how can I investigate, why there is no server-size request?

Any other debugging ideas are appreciated. Thank you for your help.

I investigated further and found that the HubSpot endpoint in Zaraz is different from the one I see when integrating HubSpot directly on the front-end. vs.

Does anyone know why they are different?

I’ve opened the ticket just in case - HubSpot pixel __ptq.gif vs __ptbe.gif · Issue #10 · managed-components/hubspot · GitHub .