Debian 10, Certbot & DNS API Plugin

Hey to all CFers!

Been trying the certbot api plugin for cloudflare DNS integration.

It works great besides the API problem that doesn’t allow you to make a key specific to a domain and needs permissions on all Account domains (bad)!

My question here is besides the pip install method, is there any way one can get that latest API capable plugin on a production system with proper .deb packages and maintaining a way to update and patch in the future? I realize one can do pip install all he wants but that isn’t exactly production-safe procedure (me thinks).

The official debian 10 repo serves very old versions not compatible with the API (non-full account) specific keys.

Thank you all advance for your input and sharing your experience!!!


this is only something certbot can work on. Cloudflare themselves don’t maintain the CF DNS part of certbot in any capacity.

As for your question, I don’t think there is a way to do it without installing from pypi.

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Thanks for the reply Judge. I realize what you say but I guess CF can work on the API side to be able to create tokens that only allow a single domain management (part one of my observations).

So the CF plugin for certbot is maintained by certbot?


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