I have found that mx-linux on reddit has posted an IP address of [] for the domain and I would like to know if there is a site to best test IP associated with a domain. I am familiar with local commands on a linux machine but I am looking for something external such as Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email
or does cloudflare provide such a service ?

What do you mean by

Test it for what?

Cloudflare Radar is not an MX Toolbox clone.

I am looking for a method to display all IP addresses associated with

To what end?

It is a globally distributed mirror site powered by the Fastly CDN. There is no guarantee that you will have found them all even when it looks like you found them all.

As much as I :heart: Debian, this has nothing to with Cloudflare and is really off-topic for discussing here.

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This applies to any domain.

Does Cloudflare provide a method to display all IP address’s associated with a domain?

That would defeat (in part) the purpose of using Cloudflare @user578.

No. That is not something you can do with Cloudflare.

I’ don’t think that Cloudflare is what you think it is. The Cloudflare Fundamentals series is probably worth reading.

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