Death of Website Manager

I hope you can help me. I am trying to access the account of a friend of mine who has died. He set up and ran a couple of websites on behalf of small businesses. The businesses are suffering and I cannot help them. The email that I think is linked to the account is one that I do not know the password for. I have a death certificate and a will but cannot get in touch with anyone to show these to!
Please offer any advice that you think may help me.
Many thanks


If those domains aren’t part of Cloudflare’s Registrar service, you can go to whatever domain registrar that controls those domains and point the name servers to the web hosts. This is the quickest and easiest route.

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Hi David,

First of all really sorry for your loss. Your options to recover access to that particular account rely on you being able to authenticate using the e-mail, password & any 2FA that is configured. We provide recovery tools for each of these but they rely on you having access to that e-mail.

If you’re unable to re-gain access to the e-mail address, you can do is move the domains that were under the old account into a new account. Note that only the domains will transfer, but not the settings themselves so you’ll need to do some reconfiguration.

If you want to do this, Cloudflare will automatically move the domains once you prove ownership by switching the name servers to the new NS provided to you when you open the new account. You will need access (or to regain access) to the registrar for those domains in order to do that.

Thanks for your reply, unfortunately the domains are part of Cloudflare’s Registrar Service. Thanks for the advice though.

Hiya, Thanks for such a thorough response. To take your solutions one at a time; firstly the email, this is puzzling me as the email is one that is for another of the domains that he used that Cloudlflare was the registrar for (eg [email protected] where Clouldflare was the Resigrar for I hope I’ve explained that. So isn’t that cyclical whereby you have to be able to log in in order to get the recovery password??

Your second suggestion of moving the domain into a new account. When I looked at this on a link sent to me by someone on a ‘chat’ service (Changing your domain nameservers to Cloudflare – Cloudflare Help Center), it appeared that I needed information that I could only get by logging in to the original account that I hadn’t got access to. But I confess that I didn’t fully understand what I was attempting!

Thank you so much for your advice, would you let me know if I have understood you correctly please. Thank you again.


It’s late Friday here, but if you can email [email protected] ASAP and post the ticket # here, they can help recover those domains.

Hi David- Please write to us at [email protected] and post your ticket number here. We have a process for this and I believe we can help with such a situation. I have talked to my engineering team and we will try our best to assist you. Thanks, Purnima

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Dear sdayman and purnima,

Thank you very much for your reply. It was late Friday here too! I’ve contacted [email protected] as advised.

Thanks for the advice.


Hi @drcarlisle76,

Can you share the ticket number you received in the autoresponse so we can make sure it gets to the right place?

Thanks domjh, this is the ticket number 2235804.


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Thanks David - my advice was assuming the domains you were referring to were not on Cloudflare Registrar - sorry for the confusion. We’ll respond further on your ticket to see what we can do.


Christine, or Simon, or Purina, or anyone!

I’m sorry to post this in the community as well as email you but can you please offer me any more advice on how I can recover the accounts that Stephen held with you? I keep going round in circles. As soon as you learn that you are the Registrar for the sites I don’t get a reply! You’ve been so helpful and I feel that you are sincere, I think it’s just that I slip down your inbox. I’ve lost count of the number of ticket numbers I’ve had! The most recent is #2235804

Thank you everyone in the community for all the advice you have offered so far.

Best wishes,


This isn’t recommended as multiple tickets will simply delay replies. It was just re-escalated.

Hi David,

Sorry to hear you’re struggling to get info on the ticket, I’ve bumped this up in our community escalations and tagged Simon and Purnima on it.

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@drcarlisle76 Did he give you access to his account?

To find out log on to then click log in (put in info if needed) then click member’s and scroll the bottom and if you see your email address, then you have access to his account and can manage the website (expect for membership or billing) Unless he added you as a super administer (which has all privileges).

Just an update here. The team is contact with the Registrar team. Future updates might be just within the ticket.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reply here.

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Thank you very much.

Thank you all of you.


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