DEAR systems and Cloudflare CDN

Not sure where to put this topic, I did not find anything related to DEAR Systems.

My connection between WooCommerce and DEAR systems is broken after implementing Cloudflare CDN.

According to DEAR they have this on their FAQ regarding CDN:

Q: Why are we encountering the following error: 'WooCommerce product loading error message: Failed to load products/options: You do not have permission to read product categories.'

A: Most likely reasons for this error is that you’re either using a content delivery network (CDN) service for your store or your server is configured to reject API calls to this endpoint. Basically, you see this error when DEAR receives a 403 error instead of a valid response from WooCommerce. Your network administrator may be able to help with your network setup.

I am trying to find the correct set up so DEAR and Woo connection is working as it should.

Anyone? Thanks in advance!

This doesn’t seem like an issue with Cloudflare (but rather “WooCommerce”). However for the 403 error visit

Hi, thanks for quick feedback.

We solved the problem, when our new host transfered the sites some of the files that was needed did not transfer. That is the reason for the error messages.

Now all is working, case is closed.

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