Dear CloudFlare, Please stop protecting Belarusian Goverment TV Site -

Hello from Minsk, Belarus

Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko totally faked the election a week ago, and now using SWAT and internal military to suppress peaceful protesters. People gets captured, detained and tortured just for expressing their opinion. More then 6000 people were captured last week. Entire country is on strike.

Lukashenko even turned off internet, both internal and external networks, for entire country for 3 days to suppress protests (nice try).

ONT.BY, “ObscheNacionalnoye Tv” (“Nation Main TV”) is a main rupor for government propaganda. They spreading fake news, they blaming peaceful people on “violence”, they directly supporting dictatorship. They published totally fake “final election results” few hours ago, proclaiming that Lukashenko won with 80% of the votes.

And now they are sitting behind the CloudFlare.

You declared mission is to help build a better Internet. Protecting the dictator who built that police regime, split blood on the streets and even cut of the entire country from internet and from international calls for 3 days is not the best way to achieve that. Please stop.

Hi @pavel.pochobut, thank you for the information and insight.

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Hi @cloonan, thanks for quick response.

Will submit an abuse report.