Dear Cloudflare Manager, please read my post once

Dear Cloud Flare,

Hello, I am a Korean user of Cloud flare who run a website via Cloud Flare.
I want to strongly suggest the confidentiality of Cloud Flare’s customer information and inform you about the Korean government’s internet censorship.

South Korea is one of the countries with fast and good internet service. However, it is also one of the countries with the extreme censorship on internet with ridiculous excuses.
The South Korean government started applying some technologies to block government-initiated HTTPS sites last year.
The government started to block websites indiscriminately through modifying DNS. To fight against and deal with the government’s action, the Korean people started to use DNS provided by Cloud Flare.
This method didn’t last long due to the government’s new censorship act via modifying SNI.
The people opposed the government’s ruthless actions and started a petition on the government website. Even though more than 200,000 people have signed the petition, and more and more people are protesting against it, the government’s surveillance on Korean’s internet use is getting worse.
In 21st century. In South Korea, one of the most democratic countries in the world, not in North Korea, not in China.

The people are trying to find a way to get the freedom on the internet back. Since, Korea’s the most representative mobile messenger service, Kakao-talk is also under the government’s surveillance, more and more Koreans are using more secured messenger service, Telegram.
The government is monitoring all Korean people for no reason nor the purpose. The worse thing is that most of Koreans don’t even know the fact that they are monitored by their government.

I heard that there are many Korean customers of Cloud Flare.
The reason Korean people use Cloud Flare is that the most of Korean customers not only like the variety of the service and good functions of the service, but also they believe Cloud Flare will protect the confidentiality of their information. The background of the belief is of course, that the people want to run and operate their business with more freedom from the government surveillance and censorship.
Sadly, the Korean customers of Cloud Flare no longer have the trust on Cloud Flare ever since they heard the news that Cloud Flare cooperated with the Korean government.

Good thing is that Cloud Flare has been developing ESNI, and many Korean customers are aware of that fact and appreciating that effort.
ESNI is the hope of many Koreans who are against to the Korean government’s censorship, and it is a good opportunity for Cloud Flare to attract many Korean customers.

Please make it easy for many Koreans to experience ESNI. I deeply hope it.

If Cloud Flare promises not to give the Cloud flare’s customer information to any other government, including the Korean government, every website operators and owners would trust Cloud Flare completely and use Cloud Flare.
Cloud Flare would also grow drastically with those royal customers.

Thank you for your time to read this.

I read whole message and come up with some suggestions.

You have no choice except to use something which can mask your activities to some extent.

  • For Windows OS, use SimpleDNSCrypt (at least) if you are facing tons of site blocking.

  • Tor

  • Brave with Tor mode

  • Cloudflare Warp app for mobile (I am glad it’s fast)

  • Wireguard (amazing fast)

  • OpenVPN

I can feel that annoying experience. Here we also having similar experience. Someday reddit, GoDaddy, telegram, etc got banned for unspecified reason.

Any software/brand mentioned here is only for general info purposes. Please take few mins to read privacy policy and have system backup before proceeding. Thanks

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