Dealing with HTTP Flood Requests

I am very much new to Cloudflare, and also don’t do a lot of server work. I’ve had my website for almost two years now. Lately, I’ve been getting flooded with HTTP requests for a file that doesn’t exist anymore.

This bloated my bandwidth, and after tracking down the IP (it was a single IP that was causing it) I blocked it and figured it was done. Well that was dumb. The requests periodically come back and eat away at my bandwidth / cpu power. The only way I’ve found to stop it is to be in “Under Attack Mode” with Cloudflare, but I can’t leave that on forever.

Here is an example of what I see in my error logs:

The referring URL is always the same from a page called “list.php” that has some get parameters.

I have a 301 redirect on list.php since it doesn’t exist anymore. I’ve tried blocking list.php via page rules in Cloudflare, as well as blocking getSingleAnime.php. Neither worked.

I am looking into rate limiting, which I would hope to solve this issue, but I am a little confused about the requests (which I posted in a thread dedicated to that to try and help my confusion).

Basically, I’m at a loss of what to do. I’ve never faced this sort of threat before. Every time I think it’s gone away, it comes back. My server host was kind enough to give me extra bandwidth this month since this problem caused me to eat through most of mine.

Any help in this situation would be kindly appreciated.

The IP you are seeing in logs is Cloudflare IP. If you have apache2 take a look here:

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