Dealing with fake complaints from PhishLabs (url is offline)

Can I get an opinion and advice on this please ?
I see PhishLabs like to harass small webmasters by taking down their urls using fake complaints.

I received the below message today (but this is not an isolated case at all).
They claim I am running some kind of phishing against that “Subito” site, simply because they found the term “Subito” on my website ?!

I run a search engine named Crawlson, you can clearly see there is no phishing involved at that url (labeled “Reported URLs” below), it simply shows domain statistics, a clean URL.

Yet my URL is inaccessible, showing “phishing” warning.
And Cloudflare says it it restricted until “content is removed”.

  • Why should I remove that since there is no phishing ?
  • Why does Cloudflare restrict my clean URL without slightest verification ?
  • Does anyone else have these issues with PhishLabs ?
  • Is everyone OK with these abusive practices ?

Normally I would need to contact Cloudflare to remove this, but on last issue I got a reply after around 2 weeks. So that is not an option. Next option would be to just stop using Cloudflare I guess :frowning:

Below is the report we received:

Reporter’s Name: SOC Team
Reporter’s Email Address: [email protected]
Reporter’s Company Name: Phishlabs

Reported URLs:
Suspected phishing site | Cloudflare

Logs or Evidence of Abuse: Phish Targeting: Subito
[ 2606:4700:3035::ac43:bf31 2606:4700:3032::6815:319e]

We have forwarded this complaint to your hosting provider. We have restricted access to the phishing-related content until it has been removed.


Cloudflare Trust & Safety

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