Deal with professional scraper

How to deal with professional scraper ( anti ddos and rate limit no longer works

If turnstile isn’t working, I’m afraid you are out of luck since this is a rather complex attack vector.
You could reach out to sales and see if the enterprise bot management does any better but thats about it

Yes, turnstile isn’t working either

I’d open a ticket so the team can look at it and be aware of the issue, however, you most likely need to step up the bot protection to effectively stop oxylabs.

I’d suggest cloudflare should add a feature to determine IP score, I believe those professional scraper service won’t have much IP address to rotation.

It exists:

Probably won’t help you much here.

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I already try with ( IP but sadly not working (0/10)

As I said, it probably won’t help you here. But that is the Cloudflare feature for IP reputation, even if it won’t work for your use-case it exists.

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