I want to deactivate/finish my Cloudflare account, because it has connected to siteground and each Cloudflare activation goes to this account, i have another one for siteground! thanks.

Here are some instructions. Account closure is toward the bottom.

I can’t find any options for removing account, can you remove by yourself? {Redacted pii}

Hi @adeelahmed992,

Unfortunately the community cannot help with this. The guide linked by @sdayman should provide the info you need. You may also want to delete your posting with your email in.

Cancel a Cloudflare account

Before canceling your account, contact Cloudfare Support to help you troubleshoot any issues. Issues are often resolved by making minor changes to Cloudflare account settings.

Once the account is deleted, Cloudflare cannot reactivate the original email address for your account. If you ever use Cloudflare again, a different email address is necessary when setting up the account.

You cannot cancel your account unless you follow the order of steps below:

  1. If Cloudflare currently hosts your DNS, add your current DNS records to your new DNS host.
  1. Update name servers at your domain registrar to no longer point at the Cloudflare name servers. Allow up to 24 hours for the name server update to globally propagate.

If your domain is on a Cloudflare CNAME setup, update the records at your DNS provider to point to your website IPs or hostnames instead of Cloudflare.

  1. Follow instructions for removing your domain from Cloudflare.
  2. Repeat the previous step for each domain in the account.
  3. Remove subscriptions such as Dedicated SSL Certificate, Additional Page Rules, Rate Limiting, Load Balancing, Argo, Cloudflare Apps, and Workers.

You cannot remove payment info if there are active subscriptions for Cloudflare plan extensions features or paid Cloudflare plans.

  1. Click your profile in the top-right of the Cloudflare dashboard and select Account Home .
  2. Click the Billing tab.
  3. On the left, click Payment info .
  4. Finally, click the Delete link to remove your credit card information.

10. Contact Cloudfare Support to request the cancellation of your account. Your account is canceled once the support team provides confirmation.

I have no connected sites in my account, its empty, but it linked to my siteground hosting, whenever I activate Cloudflare from there of any site, it automatically connected to this account, i want to activate Cloudflare from different account on siteground

You can delete the account if you want, but you should be able to unlink the account from Siteground and add a new one. That is probably a question for them, though.

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