Deactivating IPv6 in Cloudflare

I moved our site to the free Cloudflare plan yesterday. We are unable to send and receive emails from our domain. My hosting support gave me this advice.

From what I can see there are AAAA records on the domain at the moment:

As of now you can not deactivate those records, the option to do so is found in the “Network” tab and there you will find “IPv6 Compatibility”, which is grayed out and my guess is that those AAAA records are interfering with the functionality of our Mail Service.

What I can recommend in this case is to check with Cloudflare support of they would be able to deactivate the IPv6 Compatibility so that we can test if that’s the cause for the issue.

I am not able to contact Cloudflare support since I have the free plan. Has anyone experienced this issue and been able to resolve it?

Thank you.

AAAA records are not going to effect your email. If you have a DNS record that points to your mail server, then you need to set it to :grey:.


Thank you. I will get that information to my support team of my hosting!

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