Deactivating Cloudflare caching

Caching problems. Site homepage doesn’t update on desktop & mobile devices. Purged cache w/ plug-ins & Cloudflare w/no results. Server Hostgator temporarily deactivated caching of site. Was adviced to remove dns pointing to Hostgator temporarily to see if it solves problem, but would want to reinstate dns for Hostgator if problem is not resolved. Could deactivating Cloudflare be enough? No more caching plug-in on site.

Can you give an example of a site that doesn’t work and an overview of your Cache settings in Cloudflare?

There are lots of possible problems, and it’s usually easier to find if you can see the related headers directly.

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Hi Laudian,
I attach screenshots of the site’s homepage when logged in and with query attached (sitename/?nocache), and of homepage when not logged in and without query attached.

Homepage when logged in and with query

Homepage when not logged in and without query

Caching config in Cloudflare

If you press F12, open the network tab, refresh (ctrl-r) and then click on your homepage, you can see that CF-Cache-Status is Dynamic. That means that Cloudflare does not cache your homepage.

It seems Ezoic is caching your site (X-Ezoic-Cdn: Hit), both with and without Query String.

When I use a new query string, I get the latest Version of your site and X-Ezoic-Cdn: Miss, so it seems that Ezoic’s cache is the culprit.


Thanks for the input, Laudian.
So, you suggest I delete all ezoic connections with Cloudflare?
It’s funny that I have ezoi when my site does not run ezoic ads.

If you don’t use Ezoic, definitely. Otherwise, either disable their cache or configure it to work correctly.

Thanks. I will and see if it solves the problem.

I deleted all of the ezoic entries and this is what I got!
How do I correct this, please?

You have deleted the DNS records that pointed to Ezoic. Now you need to create records for your server, because currently your domain does not resolve to any address.

How do I do that please?

Your host will have a list of DNS records for you to create.

These should be the steps to follow:

am with Hostgator now

Will have to ask Cloudflare Support because now my DNS is not propagating.

any tips on how to resolve DNS not propagating?

Got the site back by adding back the ezoic CNAME, except their cdn.

You said I should configure ezoic cache, but I don’t have ezoic at all. I did apply to join their program.

Thanks anyway.

I have deleted all ezoic entries, except the one that caused the resolving issue. But problem still persists.

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