Deactivated Proxy and now is redirecting to my old host

I had an old server ( which is also my registar. I changed the Nameservers to Cloudfare and migrated to a New host (cloudways). Everything was ok, but I had to deactivate my proxy :grey: (and I want to keep like that for some weeks). And since I deactivated my proxy the Domain is redirecting to my old host application.

How can I keep my proxy deactivated (:grey:) and use my new host?

It shouldn’t matter if it’s set to :grey: or :orange:. Either way, visitors get content from what ever IP address you have in Cloudflare’s DNS. Unless you’ve set caching to Cache Everything and there is still content in Cloudflare cache.

But since you’ve set DNS to :grey:, it’s going to go directly to whatever server is at that IP address. You can confirm this by using your browser’s Development Tools and check the Network tab to see which IP address your requests are being directed to.

There are also different versions of the website, so I can clearly see which one is the old host and the new host. I still got this problem :frowning:

On some devices it’s directing to my new host. So maybe its a propagation stuff?

Possibly. It takes up to 48 hours for a Name Server to fully propagate. Without knowing the domain name, it’s my best guess.

The weird thing is. If I turn the Proxy On :orange: in about 5 minutes it shows my new application on every device.

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