Deactivate DNSSEC

I would like to deactivate DNSSEC on onw of my domains ( Using Google Domains as my registrar with Cloudflare’s NS.
What’s the order for deactivating DNSSEC?
I’ve pressed the disable DNSSEC button in the Cloudflare dashboard for now.
Do I need to wait a day or two before deleting the DS records on Google Domains? As I don’t want to end with a non resolving domain.

Edit: Or should I cancel the deactivation of DNSSEC on the Cloudflare Dashboard and delete the DS record from Google Domains first?

Definitely start at the Registrar. They’re the source that’s telling the world that the name servers need to be “signed”. Once that’s gone, nobody will care if the Cloudflare has DNSSEC enabled for your domain or not.

Okay, thanks for the info.

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