Deactivate accouint when changing web hosts?

Hi! I am changing web hosts. My current web host set up a CloudFlare account for me and everything has been fine. I have G Suite for email and those MX records are present. My A records are proxied.

The new host has given me the nameservers but said if I wanted to use CloudFlare, I would have to deactivate it from my current host.

From reading through the community here including the excellent Moving your site to a new host tutorial, it appears all I need to do is change the IP address for the A records and no deactivating is necessary.

Is that correct?

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Hi @user_3403_88,

Really glad you found that tutorial useful :slight_smile:

That sounds like it should be all you need to do, given that your mail records point externally to GSuite, you don’t need to change anything there.

As you are managing your DNS records at Cloudflare, I guess you are on a full DNS setup? i.e. your domain’s nameservers point to Cloudflare?

I’m not sure about Full but I did see the word “Full” on the SSL tab where it said SSL/TLS encryption is Full. But on the DNS tab, it does list my 2 Cloudflare nameservers.

Sorry, wasn’t overly clear on that, I wasn’t referring to the SSL/TLS mode, but your DNS config.

This means you are on a Full DNS setup and you should only need to update your DNS records as mentioned above :slight_smile:

Thanks for the confirmation!

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