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I am unable to change nameserver in Godaddy for one of my .de domain and whenever I change this it got reversed itself.
I contacted Godaddy support and they said you can not change for .DE domains and sent below URL to read. Please suggest what should I do now.

How is this related to Cloudflare?

I really dont know what it is so but seriously I stucked and unable to migrate :frowning:

Can you please guide me in this matter

Are you trying to change your nameservers there to Cloudflare? If so, please see

Yes, I am putting Cloudfare DNS in the DNS manager but unable to do so.

Now I Got a reply from Godaddy saying below:

The team states that the reason you are facing the issue or the name servers update is because both the nameservers are having the same IP.

As per .DE registry you will need to have unique for each nameserver .

you can review the .DE registry additional info here :

About .de Domains | Domains - GoDaddy Help US?

This is covered in the post I linked to:

Use the previous Cloudflare account if possible. If not remove the domain from there and if that is not possible either you can only contact either your registry or Cloudflare and have one of them the values set forcibly.

Godaddy refused to provide support in this matter and now I will have to contact Cloudfare support for the change.

But I dont know I never received any person response from CF and always received automated response.

Why they dont reply because I am on free plan ? is there any other contact I can contact them for urgent queries ?

They will reply, it may just take some time if you are on the free plan. If GoDaddy will not help, and you have no access to the old account, you don’t really have any other options.

Actually, I do not have any old account as I signup the day before yesterday.

I will wait for their reply then :frowning:

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