*.de cannot change name server changed to CF

I have added the site *.de to CF, but I can’t change the name server to CF on dynadot.com and check failed at https://www.denic.de/en/service/tools/nast/ .

|Error|901|Unexpected RCODE (target, entity, RCODE)

I would seem as if your domain hasnt been added yet. Can you post a screenshot of the DNS screen of your domain on Cloudflare? Redact the DNS records if necessary.

Are you sure that you added the zone? Cloudflare’s NS refuse to resolve it. That happens when you try to resolve a domain which is known or not active here:

nslookup google.de nina.ns.cloudflare.com Server: nina.ns.cloudflare.com Address:

** server can’t find google.de: REFUSED

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