DDoS'ed by Cloudflare IPs


This morning, my site was DDoS’ed by a bunch of CloudFlare IPs. I tried banning them but that prevented me from accessing my site. What am I supposed to do in this situation?


You’re probably seeing the CloudFlare IPs because all traffic is being routed through Cloudflare, as it should because it’s a reverse proxy. Unless you have something like mod_cloudflare installed.

If you’re getting a rise in unwanted traffic, you can try increasing the Security Level in your Cloudflare Firewall settings.


I use nginx and ngx_http_realip_module and this has never been an issue before.


:thinking: Are other entries your logs showing the real IP address?

Anyway…what’s your Security Level? I generally keep mine set to High because I have a pretty safe target audience.

And what level of DDoS was it? Hundreds of hits per second? Thousands? Did your site go down?


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