DDoS still active

we use the DDoS attack for sometimes and now when we trying to connect the DHL to the website we are getting error saying DDoS service still on but it’s actually off
here is the error Screenshot by Lightshot and the same error when i try to use under development mood Screenshot by Lightshot

anyone faced such issue?

Sorry, but Lightshot doesn’t display for me.

Dev Mode only affects caching and minification, not protection. But if something is getting blocked, check your Firewall Log here. You can filter by Ray ID or IP address to help zero in on the DHL activity. Clicking on a log entry will pop up more detail on why it was blocked.

It doesn’t display for me either!

What is the domain? Also you should follow these steps
Step 1: Enable Under Attack Mode
Step 2: Enable the Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Step 3: Challenge or block traffic via the Firewall app
Step 4: Mitigate DDoS Ransom Campaigns
Step 5: Contact Cloudflare Support
Also you should check out the following link

Hello Guys
thanks so you much for all your suggestion i found what is the issue
under the firewall settings
Bot Fight Mode was on so i turned off and it’s working fine :slight_smile:

Oh! Glad you got it fixed!

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