DDOS Protection Question

Hey there,
Just wanting to ask a question relating the the PRO plan for cloudflare spectrum.

My old hosting i used for ddos protection had 350gb of clean traffic i could send through per month.
On the pro plan (i may be mistaken) but it looks as if i can only send 10gb of clean traffic per month. Thats like nothing, right?

Also how much gb of ddos packets can it handle per second?

I’m sorry i just don’t really understand the information as much as my old host.
Btw i’m using this for a minecraft server.

Thanks for any help <3

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Pro level is 5GB per month for Minecraft. Business Plan includes 10GB. That’s not a whole lot for Minecraft, you’ll most likely end up paying more.

Way more than your server can handle.

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Spectrum is ridiculously expensive unless you have a prorate which is only available to enterprise customers.
I would advise any medium sized minecraft server to stay away from it because the game consumes a lot of bandwidth and with the current pricing is a no-go.
There are good anti ddos providers out there that won’t require you to pay for bandwidth, you just have to dig a bit and decide which one suits you best.


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