DDoS Protection on shared host + Cloudflare problem

I have a peculiar problem. Here are the details:

Right now I have a website on a shared hosting environment. I get about 10 to 20 visits a day, very low server load, all is good. And I would like to use cloudflare for its cache system and configure it with LiteSpeed Cache (–wordpress plugin API token system), and use cloudflare for the extra protection for whatever that might be (on free account)

Once I change the NameServer Settings, my website behaves strange with frequent 502 pages. This happens about 70% of the time when browsing the website. Occasionally the pages loads, but often enough, I get a 502 page (either a 502 cloudflare page, or just a blanc white 502 page).

So I contacted my Host, and they explained that they have their own DDoS protection system on their whole shared hosting environment and that is conflicting with Cloudflare. Unfortunately it cannot be disabled.

So, my question is, what could I change in Cloudflare, for Cloudflare to completely work like normal? Maybe “disable” the DDoS Protection on cloudflare but still use all other functionalities (such as the cache system)? What possibilities could I have or do?

Thank you

Consider moving to another hosting if you really want to use Cloudflare.
Generally speaking, those built-in DDoS protections for HTTP/S attacks are most of the time a bunch of firewall rules glued together that will mitigate some basic and trivial attacks. Nothing compared to what you can achieve with Cloudflare.

DDoS Protection requires major investment in infrastructure, engineers, and development, shared hosting trying to advertise their own DDoS protection is just a perfect example of snake oil.
Of course, though, everybody has on their page behavioral, runtime, smart, instant protection, and… intelligent/machine learning, when in reality those projects are way more simple than that.

I understand all of that, and respect your input. but i’m looking for a more concrete technical solution to my question. is there anything i can change in cloudflare to make it more compatible with my website as explained before? Are there any firewall rules i could change? (for example)

Not at all, a wild guess would be to assume that your hosting is rate-limiting IP Addresses and because they don’t recover CF-Connecting-IP, it seems as if Cloudflare was DoS’ing their instance.

I think this is the problem. There’s something about the Cloudflare connection that trips up their system, and there’s nothing you can do from this end to overcome that. Most likely, they’re seeing a lot of connections from just Cloudflare’s IP addresses and the think it’s an attack, rather than legitimate traffic.

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