DDos protection minecraft server

Hey, i looked for a help desk kind for quite a while, this is what come most nearby. Anyway,
Does cloudflare only support ddos protection for websites?

I got a minecraft server, and i heard a famous network (hypixel) used ddos protection for their server, is it possible to do this with cloudflare?
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Yup, there’s Cloudflare Spectrum for Minecraft but it isn’t cheap. You’ll need the Pro Plan ($20/month), which includes 5GB data transfer, and then it’s $1/GB.


Okay so cloudflare is not a good option for ddos protection since it gets quite expensive?

I’d actually say Cloudflare offers the best DDoS protection but it might not be an option depending on your budget. Most server hosts include a basic form of DDoS protection which will most likely be sufficient for any DDoS attacks some script kiddie could pull off. You might also want to take a look at TCPShield which is similar to Cloudflare afaik :slightly_smiling_face:

Yea saw them too, they offer 1 tb bandwith for free.
cloudflare is 1 euro per gb?

1$ per GB, but yeah approximately that.

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But won’t that mean its rlly rlly expensive, seeing that tcp shields has 1 tb for free? like that would be 1000 dollars? or…

Spectrum is expensive. No doubts about that.

is it forreal 1000 a tb then? lol

At consumer pricing. If you’re a large server (like Hypixel) then you get it a lot cheaper but that’s if you’re on an enterprise plan and do TBs+ of data.

TCPShield would suit you best (they also offer Spectrum on their paid plan at $0.05/GB - more info here: Cloudflare Network - TCPShield)


What is spectrum exactly?
i came here in first place sinc tcp shields only offers geyser for paid plans

Spectrum proxies TCP or UDP connections to an application (in this case, Minecraft) through Cloudflare’s network which

  • hides your server IP,
  • protects your server against DDoS attacks, and
  • potentially reduces latency.

i see, are there other options then tcp shield or cloudflare? i need ddos protection but my network doesn’t make 100 dollars a month to pay for tcpshields

Like I wrote earlier:

im hosting from home so i don’t have that one included

I’d consider whether I actually need DDoS protection if I were you. Services like TCPShield and (especially) Cloudflare Spectrum are really meant for businesses where downtime can mean hundreds or thousands in lost revenue.

Well i have 2.4k discord members so far and about 20 ppl around on averege. im getting ddosed about a few times a week for a few min each time now. its nothing big but annoying.

Like could hosting only my bungee at other hostings solve this problem?

Your game servers would still be vulnerable, so no. If you’re looking to move everything then I can recommend Hetzner Cloud. Anyways, this has gone off-topic and you’ll have to ask elsewhere if you need further help :slightly_smiling_face:


I could only admit that any (Anti)DDoS service protection is quite expensive, be it Cloudflare, Corero, Voxility, etc.

For gaming servers, or you could go with OVH as it seems to have it already included from here:

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But also something like Nodecraft or any of the other services that offer it.

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