DDoS protection for pages with nexts

Does Cloudflare comes by default with next.js app deployed to cloudflare pages?

I see some people claiming here that ddos requests are not blocked and billed for those requests as well

Is there any documentation or helpful articles where we can read about ddos protection for cloudflare pages,I tried to search and couldn’t find any articles on it.

CF Pages doesn’t have any request limit so even if you were to receive an attack, your site would stay up no matter the size or duration of it.
There is no need for DDoS protection if the system can just take anything you throw at it.

For workers, there is a different situation, if you are using workers, it could happen that an attack is unseen by the mitigation system and affects the daily quota or monthly request count.

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Our use case is that we have one api endpoint to collect some analytics and we would like our api endpoint in our nextjs to be ddos proof so we only collect actual dat from our application instead of fake data from ddos attacks.

We used pages to deploy our nextjs app and looking to protect our api endpoint agains ddos attacks

Cloudflare DDoS protection will run in front of your site and Functions. So attacks will be stopped before they hit your Functions but of course, some requests may still get through (for various reasons, impossible to have a DDoS protection detect an attack request from request 1) but shouldn’t be much.

Hopefully that answers your question