DDOS Protection for cloudflare workers

Yeah still new to serverless world so curious 200 million requests per day on CF Workers, how would that stack up cost wise on other serverless platforms?

cf workers works on isolates, so cheaper and faster. I could write code for other serverless platform much easier than for writing it for worker. Not supporting NodeJS is one of the issue.

So overall I’d say it’s safe to say scale your app. Failure to do so will account for such. CF won’t limit you by any means so you just need to build for such “kiss” and be ready.

imagine this site is okay under regular terms but if reddit or other sites push you to top view, you my friend will exhibit the reddit kiss of death or be free to accept more so limit on your end adn accept CF is its own entitity and that such should just direct connection.

I don’t have any problem with getting slashdotted by reddit or other sites. I’m willing to pay for legitimate traffic even if it’s very high. I have a problem with the situation when someone is sending thousands of requests from a single or small group of IP’s and cf still letting them in

There’s still CF WAF and Firewall rules to eliminate some forms of HTTP floods i.e. some of my bad requests are coming from HTTP/1.0 or with query strings that have nothing to do with legit requests to my web apps. I’d also take up @Omer offer to submit a ticket DDOS Protection for cloudflare workers - #9 by Omer

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I don’t think those firewall rules have much effect against this. Yeah I will contact him. But this issue should need a permanent solution

Yeah true, though what I’d like to see also is reducing cost of CF Workers i.e. $5 per 100 million requests which would alleviate some of burden for both bad and good request spikes.

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