Ddos notification issue

Hello so as you see I enabled DDoS notification

But it’s not working, it’s not sending any notification while my site was under attack, why ?

How do you know your site was under attack?

this is how


That means that more requests were made to your site. It doesn’t mean that Cloudflare detected it as an attack.

but my website gone down so it was a attack

Are you using magic transit? Because that is the notification that you have set up

Yes i do

But are you using Cloudflare’s Magic Transit service? Magic Transit is a way of connecting to Cloudflare Data Center. You probably want the DDOS notifications

Oh, so I just found out It’s only for pro and not for free plans, so do you know any ways of detecting and notifying without Cloudflare ?

Not at all. You could build some sensors that alert you when that happens. Even on paid plans, I would advise having some alerts set in place because nobody can diagnose an attack better than the site’s owner.

However, this is a system administration task and not related to CF or the community per se.


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