DDOS My Under Attack! Help Don't Work!

I posted, many days ago, a problem concerning the DDOS MY Ander Attack, but no one from the support replied to me.

I have a problem and I hope that someone will help me, when in the rules active, browser control and the DDOS, when I go to load my login page, I do not see any screen as it appeared before (test also carried out on the Home Page), as if it did not work.

The same thing happens when on the home page, I activate the My Ander Attack, nothing happens, yet before I appeared the page or at least, I appeared the page of the Browser control and now nothing.

Can you help me? I don’t know who to ask myself to.

my sites:


In nearly all cases, the server receives a ddos due to not hiding the i.p server address properly, like using the same server to host email and expose this with a mail dns record, and then the other is not blocking all traffic except Cloudflare ips to server, since only Cloudflare proxy traffic sgould be allowed, Cloudflare handle ddos.

If they are hitting your origin, then besides fixing the above, you need too or your managed hosting need to fix, which can be easy if you cycle your server i.p address.

As for your login page, i could not understand, you saying its blocked?

You can also configure your origin server to only accept traffic from cloudfare

No, my login page is not blocked, in a nutshell, if I activate in the rules of my login page the browser control and the My under attack protection, no screen appears that should appear.

As for the DNS, my server IP is already configured, in fact before it worked without problems, but now it is as if it did not work!

and how to do it?

I attach this screenshot, as you can see is Cloudflare that has problems, as you can see where the IPs are, there should be written Cloudflare as always, instead in both sites that I manage I come out Unknown!

Where is the problem? In Cloudflare DNS?

Look at the screen that I have attached on the page! DNS has problems!

It has a green checkmark. That means there are no DNS problems.

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and why is it written at the bottom Unknown and not Cloudflare as always?

meanwhile I have this problem as described above and I can not solve in any way!

Which test is that? AS13335 is pretty well known:

You would have to ask your host how to set up a firewall to only allow traffic from the IP addresses on this list:

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I installed WordFence, by any chance do I have to configure them there?


How about starting with the below:

Kindly see more by reading Cloudflare articles which contain a lot of helpful information for better understanding and usage as well in terms of Security and Protection:

Since you’re using WordPress, I’d like to share two of my posts containing multiple things related to your question.

Combining them into few Firewall Rules, you can get what you need for the best possible security & protection of your WordPress instance :wink:

We can use Cloudflare Access / Zero Trust (Teams) to protect WP admin dashboard:

Make sure to correctly configure Wordfence to work with Cloudflare proxy to return the correct visitor IP address under the Global Options - > CF-Connecting-IP from the link below:


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