DDOS mitigation


We are under ddos attack in layers 3,4 and 7 . the volume of attack is almost 50 Gbps and two million request per minute . which plan of cloudflare can help us ? the pro plan or enterprise ?


Layer 3 and 4 attacks would be immediately mitigated as these wouldnt reach your server any longer to begin with. Layer 7 on HTTP is a different story, as these request would be forwarded, but then, Cloudflare offers appropriate tools to block or limit such requests as well.

I would contact their sales at https://www.cloudflare.com/plans/enterprise/contact/ to discuss the possibilities.


layer 3 and 4 attacks mitigated in all plans ?


As long as a host is proxied.


thank you . so I wait for sales team contact for HTTP flood attack .


Seems as there is a circumstance where Cloufflare is DDOSing the origin server by mistake. Look at my thread about this: Cloudflare flooded my server!

Still haven’t received answers from Coudflare about that.

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