DDoS In Hosting Provider

My Hosting Provider Is Getting A Lot Of DDoS Attacks And My Other Websites That Uses This Hosting And CloudFlare Are Getting A Bit Slower, What Should I Do.
So Should I Enable I’m Under Attack Option?
Disclaimer: (My Website’s Not Actually DDoSED Yet But The People At Their Community Said That My Website’s IP Is Lucky While Others Are Not, And They Said I Can Be DDoSED At Anytime.)
I’m Using Free Plan.

If the attack goes direct to the IP nothing Cloudflare can do about it.

Two options:

  1. ask for a change of IP and/or block other IPs (not Cloudflare’s https://www.cloudflare.com/ips/) via the firewall in the server to see if they leave you alone.
  2. change hosting.

Think I’ll Take The First Option Because My Hosting Provider Provides Lots More Feature Than Other Hosting Provider At A Reasonable Cost.

And Also As I Said In The Post Should I Enable I’m Under Attack?


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