DDoS attacks on a CPanel and WHM server

I am facing a DDoS attack on my CPanel and WHM server. When someone initiates a DDoS attack on my website, all hosted client websites go down. I don’t know where they are attacking or on which port. I want to prevent DDoS attacks on the entire server, including direct links or ports.

How can I do it? If I use Cloudflare, are there any potential issues with my clients’ CPanel functionality?

Before suggesting anything, may I ask do you host on your own?
Did you contacted your hosting provider about this abuse?

It’s an web hosting platform for my clients

Thanks for feedback.

However, do you do all the maintenance by yourself?

I am asking, because from what you’ve written, from my point of view you seem like you aren’t so skilled or have enough knowledge, or possibly you’re out of a solution and looking for help?

I am asking the basic stuff at first, because what we could suggest to you would require some knowledge. Furthermore, there are other forums which could help.

Related to the Cloudflare services and products for your case, we’d need more feedback information, which is why I am asking for more inputs so we could put you to the right path with Cloudflare for protection and security.

Since, you’re the service provider for your clients, that would for sure affect them and we’d need to consider some things at the start so you don’t lose them in the meantime while you’d be doing your best to secure your origin host at first, therefrom continue providing reliable and secure service to your clients, for both satisfaction.

May I ask if it’s the fluxihost.in or some other domain name?

Is it only one server, or multiple of them?

Nevertheless, your clients might also have an insecure setup, which might be exposing your origin host to possible attacks, vulerabilities, etc., which aren’t in your own hands and you might have to take some responsibillity as the provider, therefrom take care for that too.

From what you’ve stated you don’t know which port are they attacking or probing or what and where to look for, I am afraid you’d need to hire some expertise to help you with basic stuff configuration for your services upfront.
Later on, we could discuss for further steps related to the protection and security measurements which Cloudflare offers and a possible solution for your case.
Clients could expose your services in different way, meaning you’d have to activly start monitoring things under your feet, if already not, and promptly react on the events which would occur.

Unfortunately, it’s not a single-click solution. And may I ask if you’d be willing to pay for some of those services? Not everything is free and since you’re running a commercial and business already, you’d have to consider some costs.

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