DDOS attack on my host IP

My server’s been under attack for the past two weeks. I’ve changed the dedicated IP address, but the attack persists, targeting my new IP address two days after each switch.

I’ve activated Cloudflare but the attackers are still able to found my host IP, I don’t know how.

Do you have any idea how I can block these attacks?

You request for new IP from your datacenter and attackers know the IP ranges of your DC so they scan the IP range and find you. Also they can find your IP using tools like this.

Your server should be invisible to outside world except CF network.

You can use Argo tunnel or whitelist CF IPs and block other IPs. For SSH you can use port knocking (or use a VPN which the IP is not gonna change and while list VPN IP).

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Enabling Argo activates Argo Smart Routing and Tiered Caching

$5.00 per website plus $0.10 for every gigabyte

including cache and not including DDoS traffic, but question is can Cloudflare still detect an attack? last time i checked nope https://github.com/codemanki/cloudscraper

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