DDOS attack not yet resolved

We are using a Pro plan of cloudflare, but it not been of any help far. The plan claims reply in 4hrs, but it’s been more than 4days no reply from support. Our case is a little strange. Whenever we enable a google ads there is an DDOS attack in sometime. We don’t understand the connection between google ads and the DDOS attack. Whenever we enable google stopping ad there is a DDOS attack in sometime and there is a sudden spike in our CPU usage and resource get fully consumed, due to which website stops working. We see 20-25Million requests are been sent to our domain/ links. Otherwise the website works perfectly fine without any issue. I am under attack is mostly on. We have set few rules too and it’s working showing blocked in the log, but it is still effecting our server CPU/resource. And the rules are blocking our own IP’s / web server IP is being blocked. It’s been more than a month now that we are facing this issue and tried lot of things including Cloudflare Pro plan with no success till now.

You should definitely look through the Firewall event log and find the pattern in these requests. There is no one size fits all solution to stop attacks full stop so there is still some manual work. I recommend checking this post for starters:


Consider checking this resource as well.


Thank you so much buddy. This information shared by you was really of great help to us. Thank you once again.

Thank you for your support buddy.

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