DDNS works fine but Domain has different unknown IPs

and one of them was Cloudflare’s IP.

Hello, my domain suddenly showing a different IP address from my WAN. There was no changes made at DNS side. It was fine until a few hours ago.

My WAN dynamic IP is currently 42.X.X.X and I use DNS-O-Matic to update Cloudflare with the IP. While I can see dnsomatic still showing same IP address and Cloudflare is showing the same IP address, my domain seems to have a totally different IP address of and This causes all my reverse proxy and sites hosted to be down.

Can you please help me figuring out what is going on? and are Cloudflare IPs, so you’re using Cloudflare’s proxy service on your domain. One of the entire points of their proxy is to make sure that no one knows your origin server’s IP (your WAN IP), and for all requests to go through their proxy, so it’s all DDoS protected, and all of the other fancy features by Cloudflare work.

If you don’t want your DNS records to be proxied, go to your DNS records and toggle the proxy off.

Yeah, I’m not sure what was going on. I understand the domain will show CF IP since I proxy them behind CF. Thing was even when I turned off proxy in CF, it wasn’t showing my IP.

Normally when connected to wireguard via domain, I can see it resolve to my own IP. Then of all the sudden everything dropped, like nothing works.Turns out my router was the culprit. Rebooted the router and everything back online again.

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