DDNS with subdomain on domain from registrar that's not CloudFlare

I’ve recently started using Cloudflare to speed up my Wordpress blog, the blog itself is hosted by another service that service is also the registrar for my blog’s domain.

Previously, I’ve setup DDNS in my hosting provider’s cPanel to point a subdomain of (e.g: home.myblog.tld) to point to my router’s IP (with the router updating the IP periodically via a script)

Since configuring Cloudflare required changing the nameservers that my domain points to, this ended up breaking address resolution for the subdomain using DDNS.

Is there anyway I can fix that?

Thank you.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

You can add the same hostname to your Cloudflare DNS and update it using the Cloudflare API. What client did you use with your previous DNS provider? Have you looked up see if it has support for Cloudflare DDNS?


Thank you for the reply.
The router doesn’t have out of the box support for Cloudflare DDNS, but using the link you provided and a script I was able to sort it out.


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