DDNS subdomains (DNS Zones) not behind Cloudflare w/ main domain behind Cloudflare?

Hi all, I am looking to create a DDNS service on one of my websites but would like to have the main url be behind Cloudflare, while all subdomains are not. Is it possible to only have my main URL behind Cloudflare while all subdomains are managed still via WHM / cPanel on my server? How would that work? Could I essentially set DNS records for just the main url and still manage subdomains via WHM?


This is possible with (the|a) Cloudflare plugin for cpanel, It just needs to interface with the Cloudflare API to insert, change, add, etc. DNS records. However, it might be more convenient to just log into the CF dashboard whenever you need to manage your DNS records.

As for if you decide to do this, make sure that only your main domain is “proxied” or orange clouded :orange: and every othere subdomain is grey clouded.

Hi Judge, thank you so much for taking the time to get back to me, I appreciate that. The problem with logging into the CF dash is that all of the subdomains will be managed by other users and there will be thousands of them, so it has to be automatic.

I am not looking to manage the subdomains via CF, I see you can only have 3500 subdomains / DNS records in CF and I will need more than that. I would like to manage the main url via CF but have all the subdomains managed in WHM. Does that make sense?


You probably should look into the business plan with a CNAME setup. This makes it so that you keep your current DNS provider (that supports the amount of DNS records you require) and only set up a CNAME to Cloudflare to get the benefits of CF for just that DNS record.



That sounds perfect, I did not know that existed. Thank you so much!

Ahh I just saw the business plan is $200 a month, that’s definitely out of the question. I really don’t need much, just would like to be able to manage subdomains / DNS in cPanel while protecting the IP of the main website. Is that possible without the business plan?


Unfortunately with the limit on the amount of subdomains, it’s not possible without the business plan cname setup.

Is it possible to manage subdomains separately from CF?

Not that I think of. The only option is a wildcard record, but that wouldn’t allow you to change individual subdomains.

Okay, thank you.

That 3500 limit article does say you can ask for an exemption. Give it a try!
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support


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