DDNS setup on Cisco Router

Is there any way to dynamically update a DNS record from a Cisco router similar to the below documentation? As show there, many DynamicDNS services that you hit a URL for to update a record. An example is http://USERNAME:[email protected]/nic/update?system=dyndns&hostname=<h>&myip=<a>

This is the official Cisco documentation.

II was previously using this for Google domains and their ddns service but with their moving to Squarespace (who doesn’t support ddns) I decided to move my domain to Cloudflare. Maybe that was a mistake as it’s not looking like they support the standard either?

I’ve looked into these solutions, but the API does not seem to follow RFC 2136 and or have generic HTTP access that I need.


Were you able to resolve this @garrettc134?

Nope. Planning on moving the domain if I can’t figure it out.

I imagine you could update the dns record via the API as long as you’re able to detect the change to the public IP at the router. The team has documented that Dynamically update DNS records · Cloudflare DNS docs.

The router detects the change and updates via the RFC 2136 standard. Doubt Cisco is going to add custom IOS XE code just to use Cloudflare’s API. Was hoping Cloudflare supported the standard or the basic HTTP method most the DDNS providers use. Besides Cisco, DDNS support is a basic feature integrated into most high end consumer routers. Even my Verizon 5G home internet box supports DynDNS.

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