DDNS pblished wrong IP

I am using a Pfsense FW to publish my public IP to a registered domain name I own.
This is done through Cloudflare.

When I check Pfsense I see that it published my correct WAN IP to the registered DDNS name.
However when I ping my registered name I see a completely different IP address.

Any tips?

Addition. When I check Cloudlare I see an A record which shows the correct IP adress. This is proxied according to Cloudflare.
When I flushdns on my computer and ping the registered domain again I still see the wrongly listed IP address.

This is strange as I have never listed that IP. The IP was only linked through DDNS option on PFSENSE which is showing the correct IP.

When doing this from a 4G smartphone I get the same WRONG result.
How can it be that cloudflare is showing the correct IP for the A record. But when I ping it is another IP.

Hi @wernerdebijl,

That’s your answer!


I do see indeed these IP’s. So that is great. But when providing the correct port on the HOST name it doesn’t work. When doing the same on the IP address it does. How can I fix this without loosing the proxy advantages?

Or how can I disable all this? I don’t see that option in the DNS management.

It depends on which port.

I changed it to DNS only. Let me see if I can make this work. But I still don’t understand why this doesn’t work when proxied. Should I make changes to my config?

Thanks that could be the reason indeed. I’ll try to change the port as well to a supported one.

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Is there any waiting for this to change? I have reverted all back to a more secure proxied site and used port 8443 which is supported as HTTPS. But still it doesn’t work on the hostname and correct port with the usage of HTTPS.
Doing the same on my WAN IP and it works. SHould I wait for changes to happen of can I forse this? A DNS cache flush does not work.

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