DDNS not working with API Token, only with Global API Key

I created an API Token per the advice in a related topic titled “How to create an API token to support DDNS updates” and tried to use it on dns-o-matic but got an error about incorrect headers. Switching to the Global API Key made it work fine. Why can’t I use DDNS with an API Token?

Hey there,

This issue is specific to DNS-O-Matic as you can see from this other community post: Unable to update DNS with DNS-O-Matic

To use DNS-O-Matic you will need to use your Global API Key and not an API Token as mentioned in our documentation.

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Thanks micky,

I suspect it’s less that the issue is specific to DNS-O-Matic, and more that DNS-O-Matic is using an admittedly antiquated, but de-facto standard, Dyn-compatible API instead of a Cloudflare-proprietary non-standard API. Is that right?

If you’re unfamiliar with it, the Dyn API has been largely copied by dozens of DNS providers, likely including Cloudflare. It’s understandable that API Tokens might not be compatible with this older API standard, and it’s equally understandable that DNS-O-Matic would only support variants of the Dyn API.

I think that’s fine, given the greater security possible with API Tokens. I’m only looking for confirmation of my understanding.

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