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I have dns-o-matic setup. How do i make it update only one a record?

You need to provide the record that should be updated.

Hostname: dynamic <- this is your record
Domain: yourdomain.com
API token or key.

i have that in there. Its not updating.

I do have a different record that is updating but i dont know if its from dns-o-matic or not. Bottom line is the record im looking to update isnt updating. Ive even went in and manually changed the IP, gae it 10 minutes to see if it would update to the correct one. Sadly no.

What do you mean by “it’s not updating”?

Did you try to resolve that hostname before?
Try clearing your dns cache

For Windows:

ipconfig /flushdns

What does the DNS-O-Matic log show?

log shows fine that its updating. I dont see those updates being processed into cloudflare

Do you have more than one domain here? :thinking:

i have a couple of domains but its set to use the one i want. Are you asking if i have a couple of A records on xyz.com? Yes i have a couple there.

Can you check if a record is updated on one of the other domains?

its not (which is good) i need one record to point to one IP and the other to be updated. The first a record is a static IP

Is asked because i noticed that API tokens doesn’t work

“Invalid request headers”

and the Golbal API key is needed. But then, a random record, on a different domain was updated. :crazy_face:

Something in your audit logs? like.

This one was an update from DNS-O-Matic

ok, I am using the global API key though

side note.

How often does this update and how does it know what my new Ip is?

ok so i have the marcs updater.

I have a record REMOTE and SYNOLOGY. When the updater ran it updated the Remote A record when i need it to update synology.

Host name in dns-o-matic and marc updater are both syology.


Depends. My router supports DynDNS, and updates the records as soon as i get a new IP. You can also Update the record b executing a small script on your PC.

If you are using some software which Updates those records, they should be updated when it’s executed.

@cloonan for refenrence, though i am not 100% Sure that there’s a coicidence
Ticket #1761004

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Can you kindly guide me to the script route?

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