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I want to use a subdomain as a CNAME for my Synology DiskStation.
I think the port could be the problem, how can I solve it?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Please check here the supported PORTS
Yes the port will be a problam as long as you are using Proxy mode :orange:. To solve this problem unproxy :grey: the CNAME and you should be good to go

Please do not post your actual hostname publicly as your Synology most probably will expose your privat home-IP.

The Link you will have to use after unproxying is this:
(including the port)

Thank you very much! Can I edit my post to delete my hostname?

Yes ofc.

little hint from @sandro not to walk into the next error:

You will have to issue a SSL Cert for the Domain you want to use in the end as the cert from your DDNS will not be valid on this and trigger an error.
But issuing Certs is relative easy with a Synology → TUTORIAL

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Ich bin zum ersten Mal hier im Forum und finde den Edit-Button nicht - Wie editiere ich meinen Post?
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To edit your post just click on the Edit button which should appear at the bottom of your own posts:

Yes :wink:
Here we are in the international forum, where we normaly speak englisch. But if you would prefer to talk in german - here is the german part of CloudFlares community:

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