DDNS and FTP A record is different

Ftp A record shows a different Ip address and my DDNS on my Asustor NAS wont allow me to login but i am using a token that seems to lead to my main web server custombuiltpcs.org but wont allow to access login i need this to work it worked fine before i switched to cloudfare. someone please help

im trying to setup multiple pages and they all link to the server but for some reaosn there like not communicating thru cloud fare correctly or something

Is that not the right address?

nslookup ftp.custombuiltpcs.org mitch.ns.cloudflare.com
Server:  mitch.ns.cloudflare.com

Name:    ftp.custombuiltpcs.org

Cloud fare has the right ns lookup

But no that is not the right address my public starts with 96 but it’s updated they a token for ddns but I have it set to update cloudfare

the other dns addresses are pointing to the correct one besides the www A record and the FTP A record which are pointing to the

I am afraid I am not sure what you are trying to say. You are saying it is the right address, but then in the next sentence you are negating that. So what is it?

Are you trying to automatically update your ftp record? If so you seem to update it with your internal address and would need to change whatever code you are using, so that it determines the public address and uses that for the update instead. That wouldn’t be so much a Cloudflare issue however.

I’m sorry I think you may be confused I just manually changed the ip for now but what I was saying is the ftp and www A record we’re pointing to a 127 address which is incorrect my public ip starts with 96 which the other records have seemed to be changed automatically correctly but those did not

No offence, but a rather bold statement.

As I already mentioned, you simply have a wrong IP address and need to correct that and probably also your script, but that’s not Cloudflare related. You simply need to make sure you update the right value.

And now you have proxied your ftp record, so FTP won’t work in the first place.

Then I guess I screwed it up more then it already was thanks for your help

I’d unproxy the record to begin with (and make sure that any updates do not proxy it anew) and then make sure whatever script you are using actually sets the correct IP address.

That is, assuming you do have the use case I previously mentioned.

Only reason I priced it is as cloudfare was throwing a message about ip being shown and said Proxy it so I did I’m trying to learn all this my self so my apologies

Yes, Cloudflare will show a warning when a record is unproxied for the very reason that it is unproxied and will actually resolve to the configured address. But that’s something you cannot avoid when using services which cannot be proxied, such as FTP.

Thank you I will give that a try shortly thank you again

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