Ddclient Dynamic IP Updating help please!

Hey people!
Please help me!

I want to get rid of pfsense, and i want a tinny help, couse i bumped into a wall.
One of my website which runs on my homeserver, have cloudflare… Or how to say it.
I have a dynamic ip and pfsense updating it, when ip is changed.
But i configured Debian 11 as a router, and i cant figure out how to update automaticaly my IP address in cloudflare’s DNS records.

Firstly i find DNSOmatic can update cloudflare, via ddclient, so i added my cloudflare in that website, pasted my username and API token etc

I find this tutorial and did what needs to do.


But i gets back this message from cloudflare(sent by DNSOmatic via email): CloudFlare response for ‘dynamic’:

err Invalid request headers (6003)

So i commented out from ddclient config file the DNSOMatic configuration (Which is working with the NOIP hostnames) and i give a try with ddclient
predefined Cloudflare configuration

i installed all the dependencies, which find it on github
And copied to ip_up local thing:


If you are using a ppp connection, you can easily update your DynDNS entry with each connection, with:

## configure pppd to update DynDNS with each connection
cp sample-etc_ppp_ip-up.local /etc/ppp/ip-up.local

and set up Two Ways, as the ddclien config file suggest, i set up the API token

Then i try with global API key with my login email.

Only needed if you are using your global API key. If you are using an API token, set it to “token” (wihtout double quotes).

 \ # This is either your global API key, or an API token. If you are using an API token, it must have the permissions "Zone - DNS - Edit" and "Zone - Zone - Read". The Zone resources must be "Include - All zones".

Still not updating my IP

Please suggest solutions, or any alternative solutions for this problem! Thank you!

This does seem like an issue with ddclient if they are sending the wrong headers in the request.

Looking through their issues I find this one is likely the culprit: Version bump for Cloudflare API Token support · Issue #361 · ddclient/ddclient · GitHub

You will have to wait on them to fix it or find a different DDNS client.

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This one is working, but ipv4 only.

I dont know how to make it work for me with pppoe needs to write a script for it maybe when reconnect refresh the ip. This needs to be done on crontab? Or not…

/etc/ppp/ip-up.d/0clampmss ?
Put that this row:
bash /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/cloudflare-ddns-update.sh
And put there that script?

If i have a dynamic ip then I can recommend using cloudflared tunnel and then no tension of dynamic ip etc

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Im not shure about how is that Argo tunnel works, but, i have configured diferent domain names 3 websites, and only one of them cloudflared both listening on port 80 and 443.
Can you tell me shurely can my websites still working after i configured this tunnel?

i dont want to configure again this in a test evorintment.

Or, i can add to cloudflare Free Noip secondary Domaain names? something.sytes.net for xample

And if i use this altering all of my domain names?
O.o This way i guess blocking gameservers scanning by hostname: In gametracker i give the domainname:port to scan my server. I guess that gone if i add both domains.

My website is running on cloudflared tunnel on 443 without any problem for more than 15days

Can you tell me how much you pay for it? Or that is not argo tunnel?

“Cloudfare Tunnel” is the new name for Argo Tunnel (not to be confused with Argo Smart Routing). And it’s free.

Thanks For everyone! I Already on it! :pray:

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