Ddclient and AVPI v4 - HELP please

hi Folks,
a few days back I got an eMail from CF told me I must update my DNS becose its using the old API and that will be shut down.
Im using ddclient to tell the Cloudflare System on what IP the home.domain.tld should be.

My current config is:

login=my email
password=my API key

Can I still use ddclient? I looked up on their site, but the newest version is from 2015 :frowning:

Hi Oliver,

I ran into this same problem. ddclient last had an official release in 2015 as you say (ver 3.8.3). They have updated the code since then but for some reason have not done a new release yet.

If you navigate to here on their Sourceforge page


this code is from 2017 and uses the v4 API. I don’t know much about Perl so I can’t help you implement it but it should hopefully just run.

A couple of side notes / application specific notes:
Debian - all versions of ddclient in packages.debian.org use 3.8.3 from 2015. You can’t blame them - this is the latest release
Ubiquiti EdgeRotuer - the devs have issued a patch based on the unreleased code from 2017 https://community.ubnt.com/t5/EdgeRouter/Cloudflare-DDNS-V1-end-of-life/m-p/2355182/highlight/true#M208828

Hopefully this helps

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