DCV failure I can't find a matching Zone ID

I’m new to webhosting and even newer to Cloudflare.

I have two domains in stmc.school and st-thomasmore.walsall.sch.uk

I have tried a limited search regarding the email I received about a DCV failure, however my issue (maybe missing something here) is that I can’t match the Zone ID in the email to either of the two Zone ID for my domains.

Both domains appear to work, the short one redirects (not sure that’s the right term) to the longer one.
I have very recently updated the (wildcard) certificate on the main website, the old certificate expires today, the site is presenting the new certificate.

I have no idea where to find the Zone ID mentioned in the email, I can only find two Zone IDs, one in each domain’s dashboard.

Any pointers would be gladly received.

Thanks for reading this far.


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